Where we come from

Founded in 1992, Vexcel Imaging boasts over twenty years of photogrammetric and remote sensing expertise. Our highly successful line of UltraCam systems was launched with the first UltraCam in 2003. In 2006, Vexcel Imaging was acquired by Microsoft Corporation to enhance the talent, technologies, products and services dedicated to fulfilling Microsoft’s vision for best-of-breed local search and mapping solutions for consumers, businesses and governments. As a Microsoft subsidiary, Vexcel Imaging contributed to the success of Microsoft’s Bing program by pushing the envelope of photogrammetric hardware and software technology with innovations that underpinned the Bing Maps web service and mapping platform. As a direct result of these advancements, our UltraMap photogrammetric workflow software solution was born and today offers customers with an extremely rapid and efficient solution for generating aerial imagery and downstream data products such as high density point clouds, digital surface models and orthophotos. Ten years later, Vexcel Imaging is again a private company and continuing our story of success with renewed and greater flexibility and agility.

What we do

Since the launch of the very first UltraCam model – the UltraCamD – we continue to enhance our products, fully leveraging the latest technologies of sensors, optics and electronics for example to enable our customers to be at the forefront of the industry. The comprehensive UltraCam digital aerial camera portfolio provides a broad range of imaging capabilities starting with the base model UltraCam Falcon, followed by the Falcon Mark 2 and the ultra-large Eagle camera systems. The UltraCam Osprey line of cameras can be used for simultaneous nadir and oblique image capture. Finally, with its expansive image footprint, the UltraCam Condor enables the collection of large regions – or even continents – in record-time.
On the terrestrial side, the car-based mobile mapping system—the UltraCam Mustang—allows capture of the world from a street-level perspective. For off-road collection, it can be complemented with the UltraCam Panther portable 3D reality capture system.
Rounding out the UltraCam offerings is the fully integrated workflow processing software, UltraMap, providing a straightforward workflow along with constantly updated feature sets that lead to optimal output in the numerous areas of applications of the UltraCam product family.

What we stand for

Renowned in the geospatial industry for market-leading technical know-how and innovative approaches beyond well-trodden paths, our team is committed to the success of our customers. As we innovate, we provide newer and better technologies in a cost efficient way that allows our customers to achieve more. That includes an upgrade path to allow customers to migrate to new products without necessarily needing to abandon their existing tools. At the same time, our diverse product portfolio addresses all business needs at competitive price-performance ratios to best position our customers to successfully compete in the geospatial services market.

Vexcel Imaging Leadership Team

Vexcel Imaging Alexander Wiechert

Alexander Wiechert


Vexcel Imaging Martin Ponticelli

Martin Ponticelli


UltraCam Family

The right business partner
can often determine a company’s success.

Vexcel Imaging

Our customers put their economic prosperity to some degree in our hands. We see this as proof of confidence they place in us, as well as an obligation to maintain what we have already achieved.

We believe in a transparent and partnership-based business relationship with our customers, aiming for satisfaction and economic success for both sides.

Vexcel Imaging Customer
Vexcel Imaging Customer
Vexcel Imaging Customer

When you join the UltraCam family, you join a strong network of family members that span the globe. Profit from an active professional and personal exchange within the family members. Not infrequently, such fruitful interactions come along with new business opportunities.

Vexcel Imaging Team

You also gain access to an exclusive network of experts and to a series of exclusive internal user group meetings, webinars or live meetings, to name just a few.

Vexcel Imaging Network
Vexcel Imaging Network
Vexcel Imaging Network

At Vexcel Imaging, we listen to our customers and partners. As a member of our family, you are involved in the innovation process. Our products are developed with your needs and ideas in mind.

Join the UltraCam family and take part in shaping the future.