Sabah Lands & Surveys Department:
I Fly UltraCam

For about five years, Sabah’s Lands & Surveys department has been thinking about getting a new camera. Finally, the department purchased the Osprey camera from Vexcel Imaging. The decisive factor was the ‘two in one camera’ feature: getting photogrammatic nadir and oblique images at the same time!

I Fly UltraCam

With difficult flying conditions in Africa, Ramani Geosystems needed a reliable large-format camera that could capture larger images in a shorter flight time. Ramani decided that there was no comparison to the UltraCam for quality, price and operational efficiency. That’s why Ramani chooses UltraCam.


UltraMap is the single, most-efficient aerial software workflow to process high quality UltraCam imagery. This video briefly demonstrates the functionality of the main modules of UltraMap v3.9.

UltraCam Mustang

The UltraCam Mustang is Vexcel Imaging’s vehicle-based mobile mapping system. With over 5 million kilometers on the road in over seven years, the UltraCam Mustang has proven itself as a state-of-the-art system for capturing geo-positioned panoramic imagery and 3D data of street-level scenery.

UltraCam Eagle Lens System Exchange

The UltraCam Eagle ultra-large format camera system is the only photogrammetric digital aerial sensor that features an user-exchangeable lens system allowing customers to take full advantage of the entire camera footprint of 23,000 pixels across the flight strip at different altitudes. Our support engineer demonstrates how to change from the 210 mm to the 80 mm lens.

Vexcel Imaging

Vexcel Imaging, based in Graz, taps into more than two decades of photogrammetry expertise to offer its successful line of UltraCam systems together with the UltraMap workflow software solution.

I Fly UltraCam

In response to logistical challenges and dangerous conditions in Africa, Topocart required state of-the-art imaging and high capacity digital storage combined with the personal attention of a knowledgeable support team. That’s why Topocart chooses UltraCam.

I Fly UltraCam

Driven by customer demand for high-quality aerial images, Peace Map switched from film cameras to the UltraCam digital aerial cameras. Peace Map purchased six cameras: one UltraCamD, two UltraCamXp, and three UltraCamLp photogrammetric digital aerial cameras. The company now delivers superior images with up to 30 percent more efficiency and plans to purchase more UltraCam cameras in the future.

Société Topographie Informatique:
I Fly UltraCam

Société Topographie Informatique (STI) wanted to expand into the digital aerial survey market. The company chose the UltraCamXp photogrammetric digital aerial camera from Vexcel Imaging and since then benefits from faster image capture and processing, lower overall costs and expanded business opportunities.

I Fly UltraCam

Recognizing the demand for high-quality digital aerial images, Keystone Aerial Surveys switched from film cameras to UltraCam large format digital aerial cameras from Vexcel Imaging. In this feature video, Keystone staff explains how the UltraCam digital aerial sensors allow the company to take advantage of new business opportunities.