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Optimized productivity and image quality come together in the UltraCam Falcon Mark 2 digital aerial camera system.

UltraCam Falcon • Mark 2

Featuring an image footprint of 17,310 x 11,310 pixels across the flight strip, the UltraCam Falcon Mark 2 is useable for capturing big areas in a short time.

With the choice of two focal lengths (70 mm and 100 mm), the UltraCam Falcon offers customers a versatile platform for their diverse aerial imaging projects.

To meet the evolving needs of data acquisition companies, the system can be upgraded within the photogrammetric nadir UltraCam product line through refurbishment.

We are flying large areas in Canada and USA where clear days without snow on the ground are very rare. We cannot take the chance to miss a day of good weather.

The UltraCam Falcon Mark 2 is highly reliable, has a large footprint and produces very beautiful images. It is one of the secrets why our clients keep coming back: We respect the capture schedule and deliver high quality images.
To do so, we need an UltraCam.

– Tony St-Pierre, UltraCam Falcon customer –

Like all UltraCam models, the UltraCam Falcon addresses the growing demand for lighter sensor packages with smaller form factors by integrating all system components into the sensor head, including UltraNav embedded GPS/INS/FMS system.

The UltraCam Falcon is ideal for projects requiring high forward overlap at higher aircraft speed.

Near-infrared channels help with forestry inventory tasks.