Urban mapping and 3D city modeling

The UltraCam Osprey Mark 3 Essential allows for cost-effective, multi-directional data capture at first-rate image quality

UltraCam Osprey • Mark 3 Essential

The UltraCam Osprey Mark 3 Essential is an entry level camera system featuring five 80 megapixel RGB color cones for simultaneous nadir and oblique data collection.

Aimed at cost-sensitive buyers who need a reliable solution for urban mapping and 3D city modeling projecs.

A precise geometric and radiometric calibration is the basis for its first-rate image quality and overall system stability.

Based on the customer’s aircraft space requirements, the UltraCam Osprey – like all UltraCam systems – offers two different housing concepts. The computer and data storage can either be configured cabled to the sensor head or integrated directly into the sensor head.

For an even more versatile system, an optional nadir NIR cone can be integrated to optimize for classification applications.

We use oblique aerial images for highly accurate and detailed mapping of settlement areas. The UltraCam Osprey is our choice as it is a true photogrammetric camera system.

– Klaus Legat, UltraCam Osprey customer –

Delivering 1 frame per 1.75 seconds, the UltraCam Osprey Mark 3 Essential can be flown at a flight speed of 124 knots at 10 cm GSD and 80% forward overlap.

With the ability to upgrade the system to an UltraCam Osprey Mark 3 Premium, the system is ready to grow with the company’s business needs, making it truly an investment in an organization’s future.