From raw data to high value information

Streamlined UltraMap software processing suite


End-to-end photogrammetric workflow system that provides highly automated processing capabilities to allow organizations to rapidly generate quality data products from an UltraCam flight.

Best efficiency for large data sets through simplified software architecture and unified project handling.

Simple user interface: One application for all UltraMap modules plus excellent interaction possibilities with bigger data sets.

Advanced radiometry module with simultaneous color balancing and de-hazing of oblique and nadir imagery.

Easy, intuitive and detailed visual analysis of big blocks and improved aerial triangulation results.

Delivers exceptional quality DSMs, DSMOrthos and DTMOrthos at high accuracies and fully automated without any manual interaction.

With UltraMap embedded in our workflow we are able to process huge blocks of imagery captured with our UltraCam Eagles in one uninterrupted work flow; many thousands of images can be triangulated, colour balanced and orthorectified in one go, with outstanding results.

Our new generation of true ortho images and digital surface models are second to none in terms of accuracy, evenness and speed of production. It is important for us to get data from the camera to the customer as quickly as possible, UltraMap enables this.”

– James Eddy, UltraMap customer –

Automated processing of data, visualization in 3D and export as TIN with texture or colorized point cloud.