Case Study • Razor-Sharp Digital Transformation

The World From Above: Razor-Sharp Digital Transformation Die Welt von oben: gestochen scharf digital tranformiert The World From Above: Razor-Sharp Digital Transformation English version Die Welt von oben: gestochen scharf digital transformiert Deutsche Version Would you like to learn more about our data program?

TerraTec: I Fly UltraCam!

TerraTec faces a challenging terrain in Norway. In order to get detailed information from the bright and shadowed areas, a reliable and efficient camera with high dynamic range is mandatory. That’s why TerraTec chooses UltraCam.

Case Study • GeoAir Gains Efficiency And Cuts Costs With Innovative Aerial Cameras

GeoAir, an aerial mapping company, took vertical and oblique aerial images to upgrade maps for 15 municipalities in the State of Mexico. GeoAir used the UltraCam Osprey to take both required types of images at once, which allowed the company to halve costs and improve efficiency while obtaining accurate, high-quality images for the Instituto de Información e Investigación Geográfica, Estadística … Read More

Case Study • Ramani Geosystems Gains Efficiency, Builds Business with Large-Format Aerial Camera

Ramani Geosystems, a geospatial services firm, wanted to be able to take on larger projects and find a better way to capture high-resolution images in East Africa’s tricky weather and lighting conditions. The company purchased the UltraCamX large-format digital camera from Microsoft for use in its aerial projects and now can tackle large projects, delivering superior imagery, greater flight and … Read More

Case Study • Topocart Switches to Digital Aerial Camera, Efficiently Captures High-Quality Images

Founded in 1991, Topocart offers cartography, topography, infrastructure engineering, aerial photogrammetry and other survey-related services. The company is headquartered in Brazil. Business needs Headquartered in Brasilia, Brazil, Topocart was originally founded as a topography and cartography company. Since its founding in 1991, the company has added services and, in addition to cartography and topography services, also offers infrastructure engineering, urban … Read More

Case Study • Hiparc Geotecnologia Processes Images Eight Times Faster with Digital Aerial Camera

To reduce operating costs and shorten project cycles, Hiparc Geotecnologia wanted to transition from dependence on film-based aerial cameras and image scanners to a comprehensive digital mapping system. It chose the UltraCamLp photogrammetric digital aerial camera from Vexcel Imaging. Hiparc can now collect and process pictures more efficiently and uses integrated processing tools to develop survey maps eight times faster … Read More

Case Study • Peace Map Takes Digital Images 30 Percent Faster with Large-Format Camera

Driven by customer demand for high-quality aerial images, Peace Map switched from film cameras to the UltraCam digital aerial cameras. Peace Map purchased six cameras: one UltraCamD, two UltraCamXp, and three UltraCamLp photogrammetric digital aerial cameras. The company now delivers superior images with up to 30 percent more efficiency and plans to purchase more UltraCam cameras in the future. Founded … Read More

Case Study • Société Topographie Informatique Cost-Effectively Captures New Business with Digital Aerial Camera

Founded in 1994 and based in Evry, France, Société Topographie Informatique provides topography, photogrammetry and aerial photography services to its customers. Business needs Established in 1994 in Evry, France, Société Topographie Informatique (STI) started as a topography and photogrammetry survey business that focused on making mapping, orthophotos, digital terrain models, and digital surface models. Previously, STI worked with aerial survey … Read More