UltraCam Eagle Mark 3: Wider Swath Width for Increased Efficiency

Graz, Austria • October 03, 2017 • At the Intergeo 2017 conference in Berlin, Vexcel Imaging introduced the newest model of its widely adopted UltraCam digital aerial camera systems, the UltraCam Eagle Mark 3. The new camera features an unrivaled 26,460 pixels across the flight strip and 17,004 pixels in flight direction, summing up to 449 mega pixel per image. … Read More

Big news ahead

Graz, Austria • September 19, 2017 • We are very excited to announce a significant enhancement to our UltraCam aerial camera line at this year’s Intergeo 2017 conference in Berlin. Visit us at booth #C4.022 in hall 4.1 and have a look!

Introducing the UltraCam Panther

Graz, Austria — May, 2017 — Vexcel Imaging is announcing the new UltraCam Panther, a versatile portable platform that carries complementary sensors to capture full-spherical imagery and video, dense 3D LiDAR point clouds and precise trajectory information in both indoor and outdoor environments. The UltraCam Panther’s panoramic head holds 26 cameras to capture very high resolution still imagery or video … Read More

CNR from El Salvador acquires an UltraCam Eagle

CNR from El Salvador has acquired an UltraCam Eagle f80mm as it is considered the most appropriate sensor to fulfill their needs in terms of geospatial information acquisition for the upcoming years. The sale was completed through GeoToolBox Ibérica S.L. which is the Vexcel Imaging distributor in Latin America and has gained a lot of experience in the area during … Read More

Press Release • Vexcel Imaging Introduces UltraCam Eagle Prime

Stuttgart, Germany — September 15, 2015 — From the Intergeo conference in Stuttgart, Germany, Microsoft’s UltraCam business unit introduces an updated version of the UltraCam Eagle. This next iteration of the UltraCam Eagle provides UltraCam customers with increased operational efficiencies through an enlarged PAN image footprint, expanded storage capacity, reduced weight and power consumption. Meanwhile, the UltraCam Eagle Prime still … Read More

Press Release • Vexcel Imaging Introduces Enhanced UltraCam Osprey Versions

The key features of the UltraCam Osprey Prime Lite are: All third generation UltraCam camera systems are fully supported in the UltraMap workflow software system. The ability to perform aerial triangulation (AT) and dense matching allows for the creation of high accuracy point clouds, digital surface models (DSMs), digital terrain models (DTMs), DSM orthos (true orthos) and DTM orthos (traditional … Read More

Press Release • Vexcel Imaging Unveils UltraMap v4.0

Stuttgart, Germany — September 15, 2015 — Microsoft’s UltraCam business unit introduces its latest photogrammetric workflow system, UltraMap v4.0, which includes an extensively updated radiometry module featuring de-hazing available for nadir and now also for oblique imagery. Supporting virtually unlimited project size (tested up to 50K trigger events), the UltraMap v4.0 empowers UltraMap users to process data more efficiently, thereby … Read More