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Celebrate with us: 20 Years of UltraCam

16 March 2023
Anniversary 20 Years of UltraCam

Graz, Austria • 16 March 2023

After celebrating our 30th company anniversary in 2022, we are thrilled to continue the festivities with another momentous occasion in 2023. This year marks the 20th anniversary of our remarkable camera product line - the UltraCam.

The UltraCam journey started with the presentation of the UltraCam D in 2003. This groundbreaking announcement shook up the camera market and inspired us to continuously drive innovation in this field. Two decades later, we have sold over 400 cameras and become a global leader in aerial imaging. Our success has led to the launch of the 4th generation UltraCam, solidifying our position at the forefront of the industry. The latest in the 4th generation series is the UltraCam Eagle 4.1, which joined the Osprey 4.1 and Condor 4.1 at the end of last year, setting the industry standard in collection efficiency and image quality.

Let's raise a glass to UltraCam's tremendous success and celebrate this remarkable milestone of 20 years. We are happy to invite the entire UltraCam Family to join us in the festivities! We have planned an extraordinary celebration to mark this occasion, and we will be sharing more details soon.

For a sneak peek into 20 years of UltraCam, check out the video below, in which our CEO Alexander Wiechert talks about our exciting journey and how we transformed a simple idea into a tremendous success.

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