CNR from El Salvador acquires an UltraCam Eagle

CNR from El Salvador has acquired an UltraCam Eagle f80mm as it is considered the most appropriate sensor to fulfill their needs in terms of geospatial information acquisition for the upcoming years.

The sale was completed through GeoToolBox Ibérica S.L. which is the Vexcel Imaging distributor in Latin America and has gained a lot of experience in the area during the last years. GeoToolBox Ibérica was also in charge of the installation and training.

The Vexcel Imaging large format digital aerial camera UltraCam Eagle f80mm provides distortion-free images with high geometric and radiometric quality and it will be used to carry out photogrammetric flights to update the national cartography and cadastre as well as providing service for other countries in the Central America and Caribbean area.

This sensor will allow CNR – El Salvador to get multispectral images to generate geospatial products such as digital terrain models, digital surface models and high quality 3D vector capturing. As the director of CNR – El Salvador, licenciada Sonia Ivett Sánchez says: “We selected the camera due to its high definition and maximum radiometric and geometric quality”.

The infrared band (also provided by the UltraCam Eagle) will add some new capabilities to CNR – El Salvador such us environmental and ecological studies which are very important in a country like El Salvador.

About CNR

The Centro Nacional de Registros (CNR, Nacional Registry Institute) in El Salvador is a public organization which grants the principles of publicity, real state legal security records and mortgages, trade, intellectual property, chattel, Cartographic and Cadastral guarantees, through a modern, transparent, self-sustaining and high quality management committed to the social and economic development of the country.


About GTBIbérica S.L.

GTBIbérica S.L. is an active Vexcel-Imaging reseller covering the market in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. From its office located in Madrid, it has already supplied and installed a considerable amount of cameras and has gained a good reputation as trustable company.