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Feiyan purchases UltraCam Eagle Mark 3

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18 March 2019

Graz, Austria and Nanjing Jiangsu, China • March 18, 2019

Vexcel Imaging is pleased to announce that Feiyan Aviation And Remote Sensing Technology Co., Ltd (Feiyan) becomes the first client for the UltraCam Eagle Mark 3 (UCE M3) in China. Founded in 2003, Feiyan is one of the most active private mapping companies in China, providing high quality aerial photogrammetry services, digital terrain mapping and processing, 3D Smart City modelling and other Smart Geospatial Solutions. The company has expertise across a diverse range of industries including government, transportation, infrastructure, utilities, forestry and hydrographic survey.
As a certified Grade “A” mapping company in Surveying, Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) categories by the Chinese Government, Feiyan has supported mega infrastructure projects in China, including the “China South-to-North Water Diversion Project” and the “China West-East Electricity Transmission Project”.  
Feiyan bought their first UltraCam X (UCX) in 2007 and has since purchased another three UltraCams. Currently the company operates 2 UCX, 1 UCXp WA and 1 UCE M1, making Feiyan one of the largest UltraCam users in China.
“The high UltraCam product quality and stable working conditions are the main factors why we continue to invest in UltraCam products. We decided to purchase the latest UCE M3 camera aiming to replace the older UCX cameras so as to increase our aerial capturing capability and productivity”, said Zhao Wu, Executive Director and owner of Feiyan Aviation And Remote Sensing Technology Co., Ltd.

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