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Vexcel achieves renewed ISO certification

8 April 2024

Graz, Austria • April 8, 2024

We’re writing to share the latest on our quality management efforts. Vexcel Imaging has once again passed the external ISO re-certification audit, maintaining our certification under the QM ISO 9001:2015 standards. This certification, now extended through 29 March 2027, confirms our commitment to quality in both our internal processes and customer-facing operations.

Achieving this re-certification means we've continued to meet the strict criteria required for a quality management system. It’s a reflection of our team's hard work in ensuring our processes and products, like the UltraCam camera series and UltraMap software, remain reliable and of high quality.

The ISO certification covers our range of photogrammetric products and services, affirming our efforts to maintain high standards across our operations.

We wanted to share this update as part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and quality in all we do. Thank you to our team and our partners for their continued support.

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