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New Dialog Templates in UltraMap

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3 February 2022
Dialog Temlate Example in UltraMap
Simple to use and great in effect

Accelerated data production.
The recent version of UltraMap provides a new way to facilitate data production for large projects with multiple flight missions that are all processed using identical settings. On the one hand, this automation speeds up the workflow, as operators can use the predefined settings. And on the other hand, human error that can occur when manually selecting settings can be avoided.

With the new templates, UltraMap provides a simple way to customize and re-use values for many dialogs.

Flexibly adapt the templates to your needs

This feature is implemented such that the settings of almost every single dialog window can be stored to a template file. These template files are in JSON format and can be edited in any text editor. If a template should be re-used for another processing task, this format allows for a straightforward and automated replacement of corresponding parameters such as file paths, project names, ranges of image selections, etc. The template files do not necessarily need to come from UltraMap, and can alternatively be generated by some external tool that feeds all the project parameters.
Multiple templates can be created for a single task, with the ability to easily select/switch in the UltraMap user interface. For instance, the export of single images to TIFF often needs to be done in a number of configurations: RGB, CIR, RGBI, 8 bit, 16 bit, rotations … For each of these configurations, a template file could be created that is then selectable in the dialog window and can be reused for other UltraMap projects. The screenshot below shows an example of 5 different templates for the image export. As one template is selected, then just click on submit and the settings are automatically applied to the export job.
Accelerated Data Production with Dialog Templates

Safe project settings for documentation

Another use case of these template files is for documentation purposes for particular projects. Operators no longer need to take notes or screenshots of settings in dialog windows and can instead simply store the template files. These files allow users to then to go back to any stages in the workflow and repeat/reprocess with identical settings as needed.

Self-explaining, fast in operation and efficient in use.
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