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New UltraMap standard licensing introduced

13 January 2022
new UltraMap licensing model

Graz, Austria • January 5, 2021

Vexcel Imaging introduces a new standard licensing model for UltraMap to provide our customers with higher processing power, resulting in greater data processing efficiency and productivity.

UltraMap is our all-in-one photogrammetric processing software for high-quality data products from UltraCam aerial imagery. The end-to-end UltraMap workflow consists of five consecutive modules and provides premium UltraCam data processing from ingest of raw data to rapid generation of point clouds, DSMs, DTMs, ortho imagery and 3D textured TINS. 

Flight projects are getting bigger, camera footprints are continuously increasing and innovative features of UltraMap are introduced with each new version. UltraMap handles these higher requirements through advanced distributed processing. To further enhance the user experience and enable our customers to get even higher performance from UltraMap in aerial surveys, we have decided to significantly increase the number of CPU cores and GPU licenses included in the UltraMap standard license packages. As a result, our customers now get more UltraMap processing power at a lower price per CPU/GPU license and benefit from faster data processing.

UltraMap is available as a flexible subscription plan where you use and pay for a specific UltraMap module only when you need it. We also offer a lifetime subscription that provides ownership and allows you to use the software for an unlimited period of time.

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