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Check out the latest ‘I Fly UltraCam’ video from Sabah’s Lands and Surveys Department.

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28 March 2017
Sabah‘s Lands & Surveys Department

Sabah‘s Lands & Surveys Department (L&SD) is the only authorized department for aerial survey in the state of Sabah. As a result, the department also undertakes many projects for other departments. The analog camera couldn’t satisfy their requirements anymore, so there was a great need for a state-of-the art-camera.

After carefully considering the options, the UltraCam’s outstanding features convinced the L&SD. Robert Cheng, Senior Assistant Director of Sabah’s Lands & Surveys Department, especially highlights one feature:

“With simultaneous nadir & oblique image capture, the UltraCam Osprey satisfies all our business needs. That’s why I fly UltraCam.”

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