Spanish Air Force purchases an UltraCam Eagle Mark 2

The Cartographic and Photographic Centre from the Spanish Air Force (CECAF in its Spanish acronym) handles the demands from the Air Force regarding Cartography, Aerial Photography, Navaid calibration and inspection, and Graphic Arts, along with other functions. CECAF also cooperates with various bodies in the Ministry of Defense, other ministries, regional and local authorities and different universities.

To perform all these tasks, CECAF has two types of aircrafts: CN235 (TR-19A) and Cessna Citation V/V-560 (TR.20), which used analog cameras so far.
In order to achieve this global modernization process and provide state of the art systems to Air Force, Geotool Box Ibérica- as regional partner for Vexcel Imaging GmbH in Spain, Portugal and Latin America- has been selected for this supply, process carried out by the Logistics Support Command (MALOG in its Spanish acronym) from Air Force.

This supply included UltraCam Eagle Mark 2, a digital aerial camera with all the auxiliary systems such as gyro stabilized platforms, FMS system for air navigation assistance and IMU/GNSS system, and software for flight planning, information processing and geospatial products production. In addition, it also consisted of all required hardware for a high performance and quality setting of geographic information production.

The system supplied by GTBi met all the specified technical requirements required by CECAF. It is remarkable the following:

•    Air-transportable camera which works in CN235 (TR-19A) and Cessna Citation V/V-560 (TR.20) aircrafts.
•    Technical specifications for Air Orthophotography National Plan (PNOA in its Spanish acronym) flights (Basic 25 cm)
•    Large format digital aerial camera with high resolution and frame type
•    Multi-spectral capability: PAN+RGB+NIR.
•    Interchangeable capacity in different focal lengths (standard and telephoto) with no need for calibration.
•    High precision IMU and GNSS system.

Thus, the Spanish Air Force will have the capability to get higher quality images, even at maximum TR-20 operating altitude for emergency situations and/or natural disasters with photogrammetric products near real time and also for other specific military uses such as scenery, aeronautical obstacles detention integrated into databases on aeronautical information, etc.

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