UltraMap 6.0

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UltraMap 6.0

Professional aerial data production.

UltraMap version 6.0 introduces new sophisticated and best-in-class water handling features, an enhanced Ortho module performance and a redesigned Ortho reprocessing workflow. The new version supports professional data production for the recently launched UltraCam Eagle 4.1 and introduces True Pixel Processing (TPP), a proprietary raw data processing approach in the Essentials module.

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Highly automated handling of water in DSM, DTM & orthomosaics

Benefit from UltraMap’s holistic approach in which the new sophisticated best-in-class water handling strategy is enhancing the quality of nearly every product throughout the all-in-one photogrammetric workflow. Produce DSMs, DTMs and orthophotos of even higher quality significantly faster with a more intuitive manual effort.

Enhanced Ortho module performance

UltraMap helps users keep pace with the ever-increasing amounts of data by constantly optimizing its performance for most efficient large-scale data production. UltraMap v6.0 introduces new and more effective file management, leading to faster loading times and faster viewing speed and saving of products in the Ortho Viewer.

Redesigned Ortho reprocessing workflow

Our widely adopted and highly efficient UltraMap approach to data interaction and processing has been incorporated into the revised Ortho reprocessing workflow.

Next generation processing

Retain all pixel information from exposure to the final data product in even higher quality and more efficiently than before.

Check out all new UltraMap 6.0 features in our official press release.

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