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Unlocking Precision: Kokusai Kogyo’s Geospatial Success with UltraMap

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11 July 2024
Tokyo Tower in Japan
Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd. (KKC)

In the field of aerial photogrammetry, Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd. (KKC) stands out for producing detailed and accurate orthophotos, with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. With five technical centers, sales offices spanning 47 Japanese prefectures, and a team of 1,900 professionals, KKC is a major player in Japan's geospatial industry. Supported by four aircrafts dedicated to aerial photogrammetry, the company's core mission revolves around the creation and distribution of precision orthophotos.

In Japan, there is a high standard for ortho quality. UltraMap processing software allows users to edit DSMs through an intuitive user interface, resulting in the creation of highly acclaimed orthophotos in Japan.

Continuing the journey of success

Founded in 1947, Kokusai Kogyo initially focused on aerial photography, a cornerstone in Japan's postwar infrastructure reconstruction efforts. Leveraging their core 'measurement technology,' the company pioneered the creation of essential geospatial data. Over the decades, Kokusai Kogyo expanded its influence across diverse sectors including railway and road network expansion, urban planning, disaster risk management, and environmental sustainability.
Today, Kokusai Kogyo has evolved into an integrated consulting firm, utilizing geospatial information technology to deliver specialized services that profoundly impact daily life throughout Japan.

Synergizing with Vexcel technology

At the heart of KKC's geospatial expertise lies Vexcel Imaging's cutting-edge technology, including several UltraCam Eagle aerial camera systems and the UltraMap photogrammetric software suite up to the Ortho Pipeline module. These tools, which weave innovation into every pixel, have become essential to KKC's operations, and enhance their capacities and capabilities in the geospatial industry. Central to KKC's remarkable journey is the transformative power of UltraMap software.
Their post-processing team chose UltraMap over other software packages primarily because of its intuitive and highly automated workflow. Through a seamless workflow encompassing "UltraMap/Essentials", "UltraMap/AT (Aerial Triangulation)", "UltraMap/Dense Matcher", and "UltraMap Ortho Pipeline" modules, KKC achieves synergy that not only streamlines their processes but also ensures high-quality output.
Vexcel visiting the team of Kokusai Kogyo

A powerful team.
Jan Schoderer, Vexcel Sales Representative, and Leo Monsberger, Vexcel Support Engineer, visited our customer KKC in 2023, along with Vexcel Sales Partner Shinji Inaba from Mirukuru.

Pushing boundaries in orthophoto quality

By combining their expertise with Vexcel Imaging's technology, KKC successfully created 5cm true orthophotos for 21 major Japanese cities, prominently featuring Tokyo. To achieve their goals, KKC operates with a large number of UltraMap licenses: Using several hundred cores for their UltraMap modules makes KKC one of the biggest commercial UltraMap users worldwide. This strong infrastructure highlights the effective integration of Vexcel Imaging's technology with KKC’s goals. UltraMap's processing efficiency allows KKC to meet even the tightest deadlines by distributing processing tasks across multiple computers.
KKC's use of UltraMap software goes beyond efficiency. The software's ability to edit Digital Surface Models (DSMs) through an intuitive, semi-automated user interface and then reprocess ortho images from the edited DSM addresses a key challenge in meeting Japan's strict ortho quality standards. This capability allows anyone to refine DSMs and to produce high-quality orthophotos that meet the demand of the discerning Japanese market. Central to this success is a robust partnership that not only overcomes challenges but also sets new benchmarks in the geospatial industry. As KKC continues to innovate, UltraMap remains a pivotal ally, empowering their pursuit of precision and driving ongoing advancements in technology and service excellence.

Reaching high.
One of KKC's office buildings in Tokyo.

Office Building of company Kokusai Kogyo in Tokyo
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