38,000 pixels across the flight strip

The new UltraCam Condor for nationwide mapping

UltraCam Condor • Mark 1

The UltraCam Condor enables the collection of large regions – even continents – in record-time and producing imagery of the renowned UltraCam quality.

High-resolution and super-efficient RGB image capture for ortho image generation combined with a lower resolution PAN data capture for the production of highly accurate DSMs.

Basic classification needs are supported by a NIR channel.

9 kilometer swath width at 25 cm GSD allows wide flight lines providing greater coverage in shorter time.

Forward motion compensation by time-delay-integration allows users of the UltraCam Condor to fly with jets and turboprops at fast speeds while maintaining high sensor reliability.

© Blake Verdoorn

A frame sensor ensures stable geometry and better independence from GPS/INS accuracy.

The UltraCam Condor delivers uncompressed raw image data thereby giving customers the possibility of color correction without artifacts for a truly superior image quality and leading image dynamic.

Minimal external devices and cables boast the reliability of the UltraCam Condor that has become synonymous with the UltraCam brand.

The sophisticated UltraMap processing software automatically corrects color shift effects of high-altitude flights and without artifacts.