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Lee Hon Chuan in the spotlight

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3 September 2020
Lee Hon Chuan from Imagemaps

Lee Hon Chuan

General Manager

“One life,
live wisely”

Logo from Imagemaps

Company: Imagemaps Pte Ltd.

Core business: Offering high-tech sensors in the geospatial data collection sector, UltraCam Service Center in Singapore (certified workshop and calibration laboratory)

Imagemaps' philosophy: Always deliver as promised come rain or shine; keeping up with the latest know-how and doing our best to stay relevant in this fast moving, ever evolving market.

Territory: Brunei, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam


⚫  Imagemaps was founded in 1998

⚫  Imagemaps has been a Vexcel Sales & Support Partner since 2009

⚫  Number of employees: 15 (together with Credent)  

Who is Lee Hon Chuan?

I have been with Imagemaps since its beginning, originally with Credent Technology who then formed Imagemaps to carry out solutions sales. My main responsibilities are management, marketing and sales. For me, work-life balance begins with being home for dinner, spending time with my family, exercising and indulging in hobbies that include photography. It has always been a great experience meeting up with clients that are interested in a large format digital camera and specifically those who have interest in the Vexcel solution. I look forward to every one of these appointments.

Since all our clients are located in the region and Singapore has excellent flight connections throughout the region, it is even feasible to have appointments in Kuala Lumpur before lunch and to be back in Singapore for dinner. I just need to jump out of bed early in the morning to catch a 7am flight in time for 10am meeting in Kuala Lumpur. I would say my biggest success so far was in working with the Sabah Lands & Surveys Department who we provide with an UltraCam Osprey. The customer really appreciates what the solution can deliver. The system was utilized fully, the operators were competent and they were even featured in an iFlyUltraCam promotional video.

Lee Hon Chuan with his team in the lab

Team work.
Lee Hon Chuan with his team in their calibration lab in Singapore.

Imagemaps values strong support and provides solutions that leaves the customers happy.

UltraCam in 3 words.

Promises made good.

What do you like most about the partnership with Vexcel?

Open, trust and mutual respectfulness. Ours is a small enterprise with limited resources, and the partnership with Vexcel fits into our business profile nicely. We value close collaboration, strong support and joint shouldering of failure.

How would you describe working with Jan Schoderer, Vexcel Sales Director in the region?

Jan is always there to back us up to pursue mutually beneficial solution in the course of doing business. His deep knowledge of our market and the level of patience needed help to sustain an open and mutually beneficial working relationship. Moreover, he also has technical knowledge and working experience from the end user perspective, which helps. His willingness to jump on the next plane out if a trip is justifiable shows his commitment to a successful outcome.

We would love to hear about the most memorable experience you’ve had with the UltraCam family!

My most memorable experience is an evening event during the partners meeting, pulling a sled up a mountain in the snow in my business attire. It was the most fun I had that year! The partners meeting is an annual event I always look forward to attending and my sincere appreciation to the team at Vexcel for organizing it.

What are the challenges and opportunities in your territory?

The greatest challenge for us is the economy.  The majority of our sales are to national or state mapping agencies and the capital outlay for a new camera system need to make it to their priority list. Since the last financial crisis that hit us, we have had many additional up and downs. Now with the Covid-19, the investment for new camera systems may be delayed further.

The greatest potential is when the government frees up the sky for commercial company to operate and compete for business. There is a huge demand for data and once they open up the skies, the potential is great.

Looking out 3 to 5 years, what do you think will be the next big change in the geospatial industry?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many businesses and at the same time has the potential of greatly pushing forward the adoption of autonomous systems.

Even prior to the pandemic, we have seen the concentration of effort in collecting high definition geospatial data to be used in autonomous systems. Post pandemic, we may see the heightened need for such data and even quicker turnaround time for such data availability. This means we need data collection systems that feature bigger sensors, more automated workflow and that incorporates a high degree of artificial intelligence to process and churn out the finish data.

In the lab from ImagemapsLee Hon Chuan working on an UltraCamIn the calibration lab with Alexander Wiechert

A passion for the extraordinary.
Lee Hon Chuan at dinner with Jan Schoderer, David Chang (reseller for Malaysia) and Kelly Guenther (videographer of our iFlyUltraCam videos) in Kota Kinabalu, capital city of Sabah, where this artful 360 degree photo has been captured.

Lee Hon Chuan at dinner with colleagues
Salvador Primo with Michael Gruber and others

A passion for the extraordinary.
Lee Hon Chuan at dinner with Jan Schoderer, David Chang (reseller for Malaysia) and Kelly Guenther (videographer iFlyUltraCam) in Kota Kinabalu, capital city of Sabah, where this artful 360 degree photo has been captured.

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