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Shinji Inaba in the spotlight

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17 June 2021
Shinji Inaba from Mirukuru

Shinji Inaba


"Nothing comes from nothing"

Logo Mirukuru

Company: Mirukuru Co., Ltd

Core business: Offering technical consulting and support services in the field of aerial surveying and laser measurement and selling (amongst others) digital aerial camera systems, processing software and mobile mapping systems.

Mirukuru's philosophy: Shinji and his team strive to always deliver consistent quality and to help their customers in the effective use of deliverables in order to reduce their costs. Shinji also wants to encourage the spread of geographical information to make them more familiar to everyone.

Territory: Japan, Korea


⚫  Mirukuru was founded in 2003

⚫  Mirukuru has been a Vexcel Sales & Support Partner since 2007

⚫  Number of employees: 12

Who is Shinji Inaba?

Shinji Inaba joined Mirukuru in May 2003 as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). One of his main responsibilities is technical consultation and providing practical expertise to his customers who are mainly from Japan and Korea. Moreover, he is selling all kinds of aerial surveying, mobile mapping systems and software solutions. He and his team also provide technical support and services in the field of aerial surveying, mapping and GIS. Shinji doesn't need a special reason to get out of bed in the morning - he is always motivated and excited about what the day will bring. His working days vary a lot.

When he is not working on quotations or consulting topics, he is visiting customers throughout Japan. On some subjects he gets asked the same questions over and over again. These are most often about the price, the delivery time and the PPA position (Principal Point of Autocollimation). Although 2020 was a very challenging year for most people, there was a reason for Shinji to celebrate and be grateful: 2020 was the most successful business year in the history of the company! When it comes to the "life" in his work-life-balance, he doesn't spend much time overthinking it - he just enjoys life and of course the delicious Japanese food!

User Group Meeting in Japan

Meeting with customers.
Shinji and his team regularly organize user group meetings in Japan with great success.

Shinji value quality and is impressed by Vexcel's outstanding technology.

UltraCam in 3 words.

Great! Greater! (The) Greatest!

What motivated you to become a Vexcel sales partner?

We became a Vexcel sales partner because we are absolutely convinced of the technology and the great team behind UltraCam!

What do you like most about the partnership with Vexcel?

There is not just one thing, but there are three: I am enthusiastic about the technology, the fantastic cooperation and bond shared with the Vexcel team and being a sales partner also brings Mirukuru good business.

How would you describe working with Jan Schoderer, Vexcel Sales Director in the region?

I appreciate Jan and his expertise and I am very thankful for his ongoing support. Beyond that, Jan can be described as "TMA" - tallest man in Asia!

We would love to hear about the most memorable experience you’ve had with the UltraCam family!

A very exciting experience was sledding at a user group meeting in Austria. It was dark and cold and also exhausting to pull the sledge up the mountain. Alexander, Vexcel's CEO, led the group and showed good strength and endurance - very impressive! Once at the top, we really enjoyed the fast ride down the hill (and also the cold beer afterwards!).

What are the challenges and opportunities in your territory?

One opportunity is to win more customers to increase the market share in Japan even further. Japan is a challenging market, but at the same time it has a great potential for the geospatial business. I am looking forward to further next generation cameras, like the UltraCam Osprey 4.1 to expand the 3D mapping business in Japan.

Looking out 3 to 5 years, what do you think will be the next big change in the geospatial industry?

The systems will become smaller and smaller, but at the same time the efficiency and performance will continue to increase!

Shinji InabaShinji InabaImage

Always connected to his customers.
Shinji is presenting together with Jan Schoderer, Vexcel Sales Director, at the user group meeting in Japan in 2017.

Shinji presenting at the user group meeting in Japan
Shinji presenting at the user group meeting in Japan

Always connected to his customers.
Shinji is presenting together with Jan Schoderer, Vexcel Sales Director, at the user group meeting in Japan in 2017.

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